Discovering stylewe !!!

Post date: Oct 21, 2016 2:40:54 PM

Hello chic @ !! Today I want to talk about a new online store that I discovered, stylewe is a different store to which the network normally see, this is a community of independent designers where they can sell their own creations. In the community we can find different styles, every designer has their own collections and can find unique and exclusive garments.

I like fashion lover that I am I love this initiative, if I'm honest and I'm a little tired of seeing the same clothes in every shop window, or see the always dressed people alike, as when it becomes fashionable jacket a store, you see it everywhere and ended up mania for catch him. As for which we are already tired of going in uniform, at this store online stylewe we can find clothes made by independent designers that if it were not for the platform we could not access them.

I already have fichadas some clothes from designers to suit my style and what I like is that they are unique garments and very affordable prices for different types of economies, the crisis we are going through is very important to find quality garments high at reasonable prices. You can find the designer who best fits your style between 451 there now in the community.

He approaches the day of thanksgiving and to do many gifts I leave a link where you have many ideas to make your purchases: STYLEWE

This link that I leave you can find beautiful long dresses for different occasions.

You will also find precious original designs skirts in different colors, I leave a direct link where you can see them all.

The platform is very easy to use as it is very intuitive when it comes to see the clothes, we also have the option to follow our favorite designers and keep abreast of the latest developments, the payment is by credit card or through paypal for me is the safest way there when shopping online, because if we have a problem we can always stop payment through the platform opening a dispute. Prices are in dollars and only ship within the European Union to these countries, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. From here I take the opportunity to make a request that we take into account Spain to start also send our country. Remember that shipping costs are free from $ 60 purchase.

You can also download your app you click on the link that I leave then and from there you just have to follow the steps you indicate;

app stylewe

I leave my signings and direct link to each garment and its designer (to see each item in detail just have to click on the image):