Vestido de flores, el outfit post de hoy en el blog

Hello girls, I am here again after spending a few days fighting this virus that we have giving ourselves so much to sack, but well I am almost recovered, a little more and I will be like new. And for this rare summer we have, nothing better than a flowing dress, and like every summer I fill my wardrobe with dresses of this style, as you well know I love them.

White Floral Dress by HM

As I have already told you in today's outfit post on the blog, a very light white dress with a print that I love, with pastel blue flowers, is a very flattering dress with a high waist, ideal for lengthening the legs visually, when we have a petite stature as is my case.

Perhaps the cleavage is somewhat cheeky, but we are in summer and we have to show some meat, although in my case I am whiter than milk, but what are we going to do this summer between the virus and the bad days we have, I have not been even to the beach, and to get dark I need hours and hours of sun, always with protection of course.

And it is that the very wide V-shaped neckline, which shows but not so much, a neckline that helps to hide voluminous breasts as is my case, and that touch so diverse is given by the small ruffle around the neckline, another Detail is in the straps that we can adjust according to the size of our shoulders, in my case they are small and I have left them very thin.

The length of the skirt is just above the knees, a length that I love. One detail of the dress is that it is transparent in my case underneath I wear a combination to avoid showing more than necessary.

I leave you the link to the web so that you can take a look at it HM Dress

For accessories, simple esparto wedges in dark blue, can also be used with flat shoes, such as sandals or sports shoes.